I hope this mail meets you well? My name is Thomas and and I'm a Geologist.

I know this may seem inappropriate so i ask for your forgiveness but i wish to get to know you better, if I may be so bold. I consider myself an easy-going man, adventurous, honest and fun loving person but I am currently looking for a relationship in which I will feel loved.

I promise to answer any question that you may want to ask me...all i need is just your attention and the chance to know you more.

Am sorry if i invaded your private space. Apologies. I would be glad to share more about myself with you and send you some of my pictures.

With Love,

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My name is Thomas from USA and I'm a Geologist.

I understand this is not the appropriate way or platform for such form of introduction, but i am only taking the chance to see if i will be lucky to get a response from you.

I'm looking for woman who is honest and sincere in wanting a serious relationship,someone kind and caring, with a good sense of humor,someone who knows how to treat a man and make him feel that he is important to her.Most importantly,someone who does not lie or play head games.

I'm a widower,my wife died some years ago and I have been single and alone since then.It is time now to let go and move on.I have been blessed with a lovely daughter whom i cherish so much and she is 16years old.

I'm a happy person, responsible,honest, considerate, caring,sincere,serious and have a good sense of humor.Please let me know if you are interested in having a serious relationship with me.Age or location is not a barrier.All i need is TRUE love.

Am sorry if i invaded your private space. Apologies. I would be glad to share more about myself with you and send you some of my pictures.

With Love,

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